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The delightful excitement of champagne sabring

Champagne sabring is a special highlight among lovers of the divine drink. It is an act that provides an ultimate thrill. It is a display of style where your heart beats in your throat. Sabring is not difficult, if you know how to do it. Yet precise implementation is vital, causing excitement each time you slide the shiny steel on the subtle line of welding to behead the champagne bottle. In order to sabre successfully, it is extremely important that the material is of the highest quality. therefore presents a top-notch saber range featuring only the best of the best. Welcome to our website!

Free engraving

A champagne sabre is the gift you would give to a friend, family member or acquaintance who values something cool and skillful. It is possible to further personalize the gift by engraving an appealing text in the shiny steel of the sword. This service will be free of charge. works so fast that if you place an order today (on a working day) before 14:00, the saber will be delivered to you, engraved if desired, on the next day and neatly wrapped in gift paper. Delivery costs amount to € 4.95 in the Netherlands. Our webshop also offers many related products such as champagne of well-known wineries, champagne coolers and Laguiole knives.

The specialist in sabring is the specialist in sabring. We know our champagnes, master the technique of sabring and would love to explain you how. Customers appreciate our knowledge, expertise and 5 stars service. Would you like to know more, for example, whether it is wise to sabre in the bedroom when your loved one brought a Champagne breakfast, please check our page Sabring, how does that work? or contact us via our contact page or call +31 (0)182-761233.